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Union Square Laser Dermatology Fall Newsletter

New Treatment: Evolastin 

Evolastin provides facelift-like results without the “downtime” of traditional surgery. Union Square Laser Dermatology is pleased to be one of the first practices in New York to offer Evolastin, the first aesthetic device that delivers controlled energy directly into the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate natural production of collagen plus elastin and hyaluronic acid – the 3 elements that add structure to skin to give facelift-like results. A recent clinical study published in the Archives of Dermatology reported that the improvement in skin tightness with Evolastin was comparable to one third of what could be achieved with a surgical facelift.
In one treatment session, Evolastin delivers radiofrequency energy directly into the deep skin layers of the dermis using insulated microneedles to ensure that the energy is delivered only where needed to improve the quality, texture, tone and volume of the skin. Local anesthetic injections are administered prior to treatment to optimize patient comfort during the procedure.  Recovery time after Evolastin is minimal with most patients experiencing some minor redness, swelling, or bruising for a few days, which can easily be covered with makeup.  Patients begin to see results within 6-8 weeks after treatment, with results improving continuously for 6 months of more.

New Treatment: Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery provides the highest cure rate of nonmelanoma skin cancers. Union Square Laser Dermatology is pleased to offer Mohs surgery to our patients for treatment of nonmelanoma skin cancers such as basal cell and squamous cell cancers, which affect 1 in 5 Americans. Although they are rarely life threatening, delays in treating nonmelanoma skin cancers or ineffective treatments can result in bleeding, infections and severe disfigurement.  Mohs surgery has the highest cure rate for nonmelanoma skin cancer, up to 99%, and is performed in our office using local anesthesia.

Mohs surgery processThe Mohs technique involves removing the cancer containing tissue and marking the edges with colored dyes, to create a map of the area. The tissue is then processed onto microscope slides by a Mohs histotechnician in our office. These slides are carefully examined under the microscope by Dr. Chapas so that any microscopic roots of the cancer can be precisely identified and mapped. If cancer cells are seen, an additional tissue layer is removed only in areas where the cancer is still present, leaving normal skin intact. This technique saves as much normal, healthy skin as possible, resulting in the best cosmetic result without compromising effectiveness of treatment. Once the cancer has been removed, Dr. Chapas will explain options for repair of the wound, including natural healing (granulation), stitching the wound together using a side-to-side closure, or using a skin flap or graft.

Skin cancer treatment should be performed with the highest standards of quality and competence. Dr. Chapas is a fellow of the American College of Mohs Surgery, which is the only organization that requires its members to have successfully completed an extensive fellowship that requires at least one full year of training and hands-on experience provided by highly qualified instructors after completing their years of dermatology residency training. She has performed thousands of Mohs cases and instructs dermatology residents in dermatologic surgery.

Fall is the Time to Reverse Summer's Damage

Over the summer, you may notice that small freckles and sun spots appear darker and the skin may get more blotchy, red, dry and rough. Usually the facial skin is most affected, but sun damage can also appear on the neck, chest, arms and back of the hands. This damage from the sun can be reversed with several laser and light-based treatments, and fall is a great time to have these procedures.  
Pigmented lesion removal

Laser and light devices such as the Excel V and Fraxel dual can remove red and brown discoloration while smoothing the texture and surface tone of the skin. The treatments can be individualized to suit the patient’s lifestyle and work schedule with options ranging from no ‘down time,’ or ‘lunch time’ procedures to those that require a few days of recovery.
 Brown spot treatment on hands
If you're looking to smooth deeper wrinkles, now is the time to plan your Fraxel Repair resurfacing procedure. Patients typically recover in about 5-7 days and the skin will look smoother, tighter and completely rejuvenated.

Q&A with Brooke Wilinsky, our Medical Aesthetician:
What can I do about the dry skin bumps on the back of my arms?

Brooke Wilensky, Medical AestheticianDo you get those unsightly dry skin bumps on the back of your arms (but also possibly on your legs and buttocks? Most likely, you have Keratosis Pilaris (KP). KP is a common dry skin condition that appears as painless bumps, usually white but sometimes red, resulting from build up of keratin, a skin protein, which forms a scaly plug that blocks your follicles, making your skin feel rough and sometimes itchy. KP can be a frustrating condition to treat, but self-care measures can improve the appearance of your skin.  Avène Laboratories Akerat Exfoliating cream, a cream sold exclusively to physicians to treat KP and mild psoriasis, gently exfoliates skin using 1.5% salicylic acid and 1% lactic acid. This cream will remove excess keratin on the skin, while helping to loosen and remove dead skin cells, resulting in smoother and softer skin. It also contains 10% Urea, which enhances the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Akerat cream is free of parabens and fragrance and can be used by people of all skin types, and is available at our office for $30.

Thank you!

Patient Appreciation Week

October 8-12, 2012

October 10 marks our one-year anniversary at Union Square, and we would like to thank our patients for making our first year a great success. As a token of our appreciation, patients making appointments for cosmetic procedures during the week of October 8th will receive a gift certificate for a free pumpkin enzyme peel, which is a gentle way to exfoliate the skin and look great for fall events. All of us at Union Square Laser Dermatology appreciate the trust that our patients place in us and want to thank you for your support of the practice.

Dr. Chapas and Dr. MacGregor

Appearances & Lectures

The Katie Show
Tune in to Katie Couric’s new talk show on Monday, October 1st, to see Dr. Chapas discuss the latest tips for younger looking skin. Check your local listing for channel information. In New York, the show airs on WABC, Channel 7 at 3pm.

Beauty Bash
Saturday, September 29th
10 AM – 6 PM

Metropolitan Pavillion
125 West 18th Street, NYC

Beauty Bash is a premier event for women over 50 to learn about the latest on beauty, apparel and accessories. Dr. Chapas and Dr. MacGregor will join SkinCeuticals to offer skin health texture and analysis and consultations. Tickets to the event also include many gifts and services so go early to enjoy the whole experience. Tickets and information can be found here. Enter code "skin30" for $30 off. Bring your ticket receipt and we will apply the price you paid towards your next cosmetic treatment!

American Society for Dermatology Surgery

Atlanta, GA
October 11, 2012

Dr. Chapas and Dr. MacGregor are actively involved in national professional societies and frequently lecture about advances in laser and cosmetic treatments. In October, they are scheduled to deliver the following presentations at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery:

Dr. Chapas is giving lectures entitled “If You Could Only Buy Two Types of Lasers, Which Would You Buy?” and “Eloquent Expert Session on Body Sculpting." 

Dr. MacGregor is giving a lecture entitled “Evaluating the Cosmetic Patient.”

Clinical Trials

Body contouring under the buttocks and sides of the hips. We are currently looking for prospective female patients ages 18-60 years old with stubborn ‘pockets’ or ‘rolls’ of fat under the buttocks or sides of the hips to try a new noninvasive treatment. Please contact us for a screening visit to see if you are a good candidate for this treatment. Qualifying patients will receive discounted treatments to compensate for their participation.

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