Procedures: Liposonix

Dr. Chapas, Dr. MacGregor and Dr. Chwalek are leading authorities on Liposonix, the latest non-surgical body contouring treatment. Liposonix uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology to destroy targeted fat below the skin without harming skin tissues; the body naturally processes and removes the destroyed fat tissue over a period of 8 to 12 weeks, leaving behind a slimmer, more contoured waistline. Clinical studies show that patients can reduce their waistline by one dress or pant size after a one-hour treatment and without surgery or downtime.

Here are the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Liposonix.

Union Square Laser Dermatology was the first medical practice in the United States to offer the 2nd generation of the device and Dr. Chapas introduced Liposonix on U.S. television by demonstrating it on the Dr. Oz Show in January 2012. When ABC’s 20/20 featured Liposonix in February 2012 in a show about cutting edge cosmetic procedures, the actual treatments for all Liposonix patients presented on the show in reality were performed by Dr. Chapas at our facility. According to the manufacturer of the device, we have treated more patients with the 2nd generation system than any other facility in the U.S.

Our verdict: We are excited about the 2nd generation of Liposonix because its versatility allows targeting specific areas to help eliminate unwanted body fat such as the abdomen and the waistline. Proper patient screening is critical in achieving good results: Liposonix works best for patients of certain body types and normal weight who have specific areas of persistent unwanted fat. Based on our extensive experience with the device we have developed our own treatment protocols, and we have not encountered the difficulties in achieving results reported by some other facilities. Our patient evaluations show meaningful results in almost 90% of our treatments and several of our patients have seen results better than the one inch/one pant size reduction reported in clinical studies. Patients should understand that Liposonix is not a way to lose weight or treat obesity, that it takes 8 to 12 weeks to see full results, and that the treatment works best for patients that maintain healthy diet and exercise habits.

Why choose Union Square Laser Dermatology for Liposonix?
Results and patient comfort depend on physician technique, which is why our Liposonix treatments are personally administered by Dr Chapas, Dr. MacGregor or Dr. Chwalek, not by a nurse, medical assistant or technician. Our physicians have the extensive clinical experience with Liposonix, in Dr. Chapas and Dr. MacGregor’s cases going back to the clinical trials that led to the approval of Liposonix in the U.S. We continue to work with Solta, Liposonix’s manufacturer, on refining our proprietary treatment protocols for the best results with the maximum patient comfort. In many situations Liposonix works best in combination with other treatments, and our comprehensive range of non-surgical body contouring devices and our expertise in administering these treatments allows us to design the best personalized non-surgical body contouring plan for each patient.

New study: Many women have stubborn ‘pockets’ or ‘rolls’ of fat under the buttocks or sides of the hips. Even thin women that exercise regularly may be genetically predisposed to carry fat in these areas. Liposuction is not an option for treatment because it can cause drooping of the buttocks if used too close to that area. We are recruiting women 18-60 years old to study noninvasive fat reduction specific to this stubborn pocket of fat without surgery. Please call us for further information.

Liposonix treatment before and after front view
Liposonix treatment before and after side view
Liposonix treatment before and after quarter view

We have evaluated most non-invasive body contouring devices on the market, and we feel that together with our Zeltiq™ CoolSculpting™, Thermage CPT™, truSculpt, Ultherapy and Velashape™ devices, Liposonix gives us a comprehensive set of tools to design the best non-surgical body contouring treatment for our patients.

Here is some additional information from the Liposonix Patient Brochure: