Are Your Neck And Chest Revealing Your Real Age? These Laser Treatments Can Help

By Dr. Jennifer MacGregor

As we age and our skin starts to lose its elasticity and begins to wrinkle, the chest and décolleté (neck and upper chest) often reveal our true age. We make sure to protect the skin on our face with sunscreen and some of us even rejuvenate it with lasers. But we tend to neglect the skin on our chest and décolleté. The delicate skin in these areas is subject to chronic sun exposure and with time, it develops brown spots, redness, rough texture, skin thinning, and wrinkles. Non-invasive therapies are an effective solution to smooth, tone, brighten, and tighten the aging chest. In my practice, I have seen these three treatments have great results:


The Ultherapy treatment uses imaging and micro-focused ultrasound therapy to penetrate deep into the skin. Ultrasound energy stimulates the formation of collagen, strengthens the skin’s foundation, improves skin quality, and smooths deeper wrinkles. (In 2013, I wrote the textbook on this emerging technology, “Microfocused Ultrasound for Skin Tightening”.)

After one 30-minute treatment (with no downtime) of Ultherapy, you will see visible results within a few months. Ultherapy can be used as a stand-alone treatment, or it can be combined with lasers to address brown spots and rough, dull skin. Below you can see some results from my practice.

Laser Therapy For A Firmer Chest And Décolleté

Fraxel Dual

Fraxel DUAL is a non-ablative laser that targets fine wrinkling, brown spots, and rough texture. The laser treats only a fraction of the skin tissue at a time, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. This promotes rapid healing. The laser stimulates your body’s own natural healing process, replacing the old and damaged cells with fresh, glowing, healthy skin. It evens the skin tone and improves skin texture during a series of two to six treatments, as new collagen builds over several months in response to the laser energy.

Laser Therapy For A Firmer Chest And Décolleté


Finally, PicoWay Resolve is a non-invasive procedure for wrinkles, with minimal downtime. PicoWay uses laser pulses to reach under the skin, but leaves the outer layer intact while stimulating collagen and elastin. As most treatments are done in an average of 20 minutes or less, a laser treatment can easily be done on your lunch break or before heading into work.

It’s important to consult with a board-certified dermatologist before getting any of these treatments to make sure you are receiving a holistic treatment plan and safe, optimal results.

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