Ultrasound Therapy: the Gentle and Effective Way to Tone the Body & Face

The popular health and beauty moniker “no pain, no gain” is changing. The development of new technologies and innovations are bringing us less invasive treatments that maintain a high degree of efficacy. Ultrasound energy is the next frontier – permanently reducing fat on the tummy, lower back, hips and thighs, all without any discomfort or bruising. You can even get a high-tech workout for your face with biosonix ultrasound.

UltraShape Power: While other popular nonsurgical methods for fat removal and body contouring use extreme heat or cold to destroy fat cells, UltraShape Power uses focused, pulsed ultrasound waves that generate neither heat nor cold but still prove deadly to the stubborn fat cells just below the skin’s surface. In its clinical trials, a series of three 45- to 60-minute treatments (each done about two weeks apart) resulted in an average of a 1.3- to 2.5-inch reduction around the waist, with 100% of patients reporting full comfort.

“In consultation, we discuss the best non-invasive fat reduction procedures for your lifestyle,” said Dr. Shereene Idriss. “Spring bodies start in the winter. UltraShape is fantastic for treating large areas, and there is no bruising or swelling. Guided by a sophisticated 3-D computer mapping program, we position the device head to reach areas of extra fat or to create the contours you desire.”

La Suite OxyLight Facial: A multi-step work out for your face, the Oxylight device includes BioSonix Ultrasound to help skin deeply absorb minerals and vitamins from the soothing serums applied onto the face. This step utilizes spectrum LED light and ultrasound waves technology to aid skin in absorbing necessary nutrients to stay youthful and radiant.

“The Biosonix Ultrasound handpiece feels like a soothing massage, but under the tissue, you’re receiving powerful lifting, toning, clarifying and optimal delivery of ingredients,” said Director of Aesthetics Rhea Souhleris Grous. “Immediately following the Ultrasound, the myolight microcurrent step activates facial muscles for the final work out. Most of our clients notice their cheekbones and necks appear more contoured.”

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