The La Suite Signature 3D Pore Cleanse and Retexturization

Our triple cleanse is 3-dimensional in how it works on the pore. The oil cleanse helps to loosen makeup and debris accumulated from that day; the clay cleanse firmly grabs hold of this debris like a snowflake gripping deep into the pores; and finally the gel cleanse collects and removes it all.

We upgraded from the steamer technique years ago because it essentially “tricks” the skin and opens up the pores for only a small window of time. It also dehydrates the skin because as the water evaporates, it takes some of the skin’s moisture too. The La Suite heated oxygen extractions, on the other hand, work in partnership and collaboration with the skin and its natural pH. The oxygen cream hydrates, allows more pliability, and acts as a hygienic and medically effective barrier, due to its antibacterial environment. These extractions require expert technique and years of training, but we can celebrate no more post-facial breakouts! Ultimately, extractions aid in the exfoliation of each pore, when each blackhead or whitehead is removed.

STEP 3: CHEMICAL EXFOLIATION WITH SONOPHORESIS. Following the full cleanse and extraction process, your pores are in need of a final exfoliation and boost of antioxidants for that glass skin affect. Sonophoresis is an ultrasound device that allows us to penetrate the chemical peel in order to remove the dead skin cells and threaten the healthy ones just enough so the skin can heal itself. Depending on your skins’ needs, we have several cream chemical peels to choose from. Our favorite is the Environ ACM Cooling Peel which uses a lower cream concentration of TCA (trichloroacetic acid). The aim is a more gentle but effective way to achieve healthier skin without redness or downtime! It sterilizes and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, so it works for most skin types in the summer. After the ultrasound peel, you will say “What pores?” because your skin will be positively smooth.

For oily skin types, we invite you to book the Mattefying Facial. For normal to dry skin types, we invite you to book the Double Oxygen Facial. Please request Sonophoresis as an enhancement with your aesthetician.

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