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Coveteur – 3 Ways Celebrities Use Filler with No One Noticing

Skin secrets from Dr. Shereene Idriss’s office. “The people who are high-profile or more successful in their jobs, they want it even more subtle than your average person,” says New...

GLAMOUR – The Brown Girl’s Guide to Laser Hair Removal

“The wavelength of the Nd:YAG laser goes deeper into the skin than a diode,” says Robyn Gmyrek, MD. “So it more successfully bypasses the pigmentation present in the skin.” Because...

ELLE – The First Timer’s Guide to Fast Beauty Fixes

“Clear+Brilliant emits the same energy as alternative treatments, but in a smaller, more shallow dose, so there’s less recovery time,” says Anne Chapas, MD, the New York City dermatologist who...

Harper’s Bazaar – How To Get Rid of Acne Scars Forever

Even if you care for your skin like a newborn infant, spots and red marks can linger for weeks or months. There are expert ways to fade scars fast—or prevent...

Yahoo – What Can You Do About Fine Lines Around The Lips? We Asked Our Experts.

“People with mild to moderate perioral rhytids are the best candidates for treatment,” says Dr. Jennifer Chwalek. “Once the wrinkles become quite deep, it becomes harder to treat and may...

Glamour – The Brown Girl’s Guide to Brown Spots

Post-inflammatory pigmentation will fade over time even with no treatment, says Dr. Jennifer MacGregor, but it can take months or even longer with pigmented scars. To ease the discoloration, she...

Allure – Jennifer MacGregor Wants to Make Dermatology a Better Experience for Trans Patients

When Ashley Phillips was referred to dermatologist Jennifer MacGregor by her primary doctor, Phillips was skeptical. Board-certified in dermatology and fellowship-trained in laser, cosmetic, and dermatologic surgery, MacGregor is both...

Harper’s Bazaar – Meet The Experts Behind the 2019 Anti-Aging Awards

To help us narrow down the best anti-aging products that money can buy for BAZAAR's first-ever anti-aging awards, we turned to a roster of expert celebrity dermatologists, makeup artists, influencers,...

SHAPE Magazine – This Cosmetic Treatment Can Destroy Early Skin Cancer

Actinic keratosis most commonly develops on sun-exposed areas such as the face, scalp, ears, chest, arms, and upper back, says dermatologist Jennifer Chwalek, M.D., a skin rejuvenation laser expert at...

Allure – The Complete Guide to Laser Resurfacing Treatments for Your Skin

A prime example in beauty is "laser," which stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Such gadgets operate in a very specific way, "emitting a narrow beam of...

Coveteur – How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

As Dr. Chapas explained, “Acne scars generally happen because of the inflammation in the acne lesion. It’s rare to occur in small, pore-clogging-type acne.” Most scars are either a discoloration,...

ELLE Beauty Genius

Dr. Chapas has been recognized as an ELLE Beauty Genius for body contouring (2014) as well as skin tightening & resurfacing (2011).

Martha Stewart Living – March 2018

Dr. Idriss talks how to help lines, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Vogue, February 2018

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Consumer Reports, February 2018

Read what causes dry skin, and more importantly, how to treat it. Dr. Anne Chapas shares her tips with Consumer Reports.

Cosmopolitan, January 2018

Thinking about lip injections? Dr. Idriss breaks down what you need to know.

Vogue, February 2018

Dr. Idriss talks to Vogue about freshening your skin for springtime with intense-pulsed light (IPL) treatments.

Katie’s Anti-aging All-stars Show

“Look for the Medically Proven technologies” –Dr. Anne Chapas For centuries, we’ve been going to extremes chasing the fountain of youth. Dr. Chapas discusses the latest treatment trends with Katie...

Women’s Health

June 2012

New York Times

December 2012

Good Housekeeping

January 2013

Today Show–Sun Protection for Summer 2012

Dr. Chapas discusses with Natalie Morales her favorite Sun Protection products for the Summer

Katie Couric–Anti-aging All Stars Show

Dr. Chapas discusses with Katie Couric the latest trends in Anti-Aging treatments


Okay! So as a veteran beauty editor, I believe that everyone could be better looking. EVERYONE. Including me. Read more...

Stylelist – Skin Tips for your 20s: Beauty at Every Age

Here's the good news: Your skin probably looks pretty great right now, requires minimal products and has a healthy, natural glow. But there are a lot of misconceptions about caring...

Beautylish – Are you Allergic?

Beauties, have you ever tried a new face cream or body lotion and then broken out in pimples or a raw red rash? You may be allergic to a specific... – 7 Stretch Mark Solutions

Preventive stretch mark creams "can hydrate the skin and build tensile strength," according to Anne Chapas, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor at New York University School of Medicine. Avoid products that contain the... – 5 Beauty Must-Haves for the Beach (Don’t Leave Home Without ‘Em!)

Swimsuit? Check! Sunglasses? Check! Chick-lit? Check! You’re almost ready to hit the beach, but don’t forget to stock your bag with these key products for pretty skin and hair. Read More... – 7 Skin Sins: Forgiven And Fixed

Slept with a face full of makeup on? Picked that zit? Skipped SPF…again? When it comes to making major skin mistakes, you’re not alone! We found seven women who are... – Sensitive Skin: How to Get the Red Out

From scrubs to cleansing brushes and antiaging retinoid treatments, today's complexions are often put through demanding paces to achieve that most prized, glowing complexion. Read More... – Beauty Versus the World

The environment can wreak havoc on your looks. Here are 10 ways to prevent a natural (beauty) disaster. From the moment you wake up to when you hit the sheets,... – What Are Your Skin Treatment Options?

If you wish your complexion looked a little fresher, or your skin felt a bit firmer, you have more options than ever—from makeup and creams to needles and lasers to... – 6 (More!) Things Nobody Explains to You About Aging

Are those leopard spots on your face? Why does your hair suddenly feel so brittle? ...And is that a turkey wattle? O's beauty director makes sense of it all. Read... – Skin Firming Tips

Top products and procedures for a youthful complexion. Firm, supple, taut…there aren’t many areas of the body for which those wouldn’t be ideal descriptors. But unlike the bits that can... – Beauty Myth: Does Your Skin Purge Impurities?

Have you ever heard of the skin purging theory? The claim is that when you first start a new skin care treatment, the initial breakout is a good sign and... – The 2011 Genius Awards

ELLE celebrates 13 top stars in hair, makeup, and skin care from the red carpet, the runway, and beyond. Here, beauty’s best share their tips on creating outrageous ringlets, mastering... – 33 Easy Ways To Get Ready For Summer

From pre-wax numbing kits to sand-proof manicures, we gathered the season's best new products and expert tips to help you keep your cool. Read more... – Suggestions For Taking Care of Your Children’s Skin by Dr. Anne Chapas

Dr. Anne Chapas suggests parents take a closer look at baby ‘safe’ products. Read more... – Natural Aging: Do Wrinkles Happen Steadily – Or All At Once?

Expert findings suggest your skin may have a "tipping point." Read more... – Savvy Girl’s Guide to Beauty Etiquette

Should you trim before a bikini wax? Tip the hair washer and stylist? Here's the inside scoop on maneuvering beauty's most awkward moments. Read more... – Expert Q&A: Your Top 5 Winter Skin Questions Answered

Sleigh bells and snowballs and mugs of good cheer are all fun things about winter -- the dry, cracked, often painful skin issues that come with it, are not. Read... – A Cold Weather Skin Fix

This week I started to notice a few flaky bits on my face and that my complexion is looking a tad duller than usual...then it hit me: dry skin season... – Stretch Marks, Be Gone!

Looking to erase those unwanted marks? Check out these solutions! Read more... – Anti-Aging Skin Care Advice: Become a Country Bumpkin

I'm moving. No, really. This beauty gal is packing up and calling it quits on the metropolitan dream. Why am I moving to a desolate small town in the middle... – Younger Looking Skin: How To Find The Best Dermatologist For You

When it comes to younger looking skin, your secret weapon is the right dermatologist. Of course you need an experienced doc you trust, and someone who can give you tips... – Get Hot Legs

Dimples on your cheeks are cute. But dimples on your butt cheeks? Maddening! "Fat is organized into chambers that are separated by strands of fibrous connective tissue. Read more... – Breakout Busters: Clear Complexion Secrets

As women age, estrogen drops, which can lead to increased sebum levels and acne. “That’s why birth control pills, which slightly raise estrogen levels, effectively clear skin,” says derm and... – The Trick to Getting Rid of Age Spots

Q: What is the best way to remove age spots? A: Hyperpigmentation (fancy term for dark spots) is caused by excess melanin in the skin. And laser—either the Q-switched ruby... – The New Thermalogy CPT – It’s Cooler and Hotter

I did it before and didn’t want to do it again, but now five years have passed, and in the world of high tech anti-aging that’s a long, long time. Newer... – 10 Beauty Products You Need This Year

We canvassed the experts to find the products that will see you gorgeously through the next 12 months. Read more... – Worth It or Not? The New Sun Protectors

We all know that topical sunscreen is an absolute must (you're nodding, right?). But what about other products now hitting the shelves that claim to offer extra protection from damaging... – Get Wedding-Ready Guide

You're altar bound! There's no better time to get your hair in top condition, score glowing skin, and start feeling fantastic -- from head to toe. Learn how to look... – Sunscreen Myths….Debunked!

There's been a lot of, well, misinformation out there lately about sun protection. For instance, people have been asking me whether they need to wear sunscreen (if they want vitamin... – Your Ultimate Summer Skin Guide

Sunscreen bottles are getting a face-lift this year, due to new FDA regulations that require both UVA and UVB protection labeling. Why isn't good old SPF enough? This number measures... – Green and Gorgeous: The Best Eco-Friendly Products For Every Occasion

Our panel of 24 hair, makeup, and skin experts selects the top eco-buys. Read more... – Sunscreen Breakthroughs: The Newest Technology

Gone are the days when getting your sun protection meant glopping on thick white lotion and walking around with a scent that announced, "I'm wearing sunscreen!" to anyone within six... – Good Vibrations: The Latest Beauty Technology

From lash-wiggling mascaras to skin-jiggling cleansing devices, there’s a whole lot of shaking going on in the beauty world. But is all of this buzzing actually buzzworthy? Read more... – 10 Beauty Products You Need This Year

10 Beauty Products You Need This Year. We canvassed the experts to find the products that will see you gorgeously through the next 12 months. Read more... – The Acne Manifesto: A Guide to Treating Acne

Dearest Santa, All I want for Christmas is clear skin. Not one to follow the herd, I nevertheless could have chimed into the holiday spirit this year by writing about... – Get Ready to Get Carded

ELLE presents our annual head-to-toe clock-stopping manual.