The Ultrashape Power system is an FDA-cleared technology designed to noninvasively remove stubborn fat in the abdominal (stomach and belly) area and also in the hips and thighs. The treatment is typically very well tolerated with no expected downtime. Results can be seen within several weeks, however optimal results normally are achieved after a series of three treatments spaced approximately two weeks apart.

Our Assessment: We are very excited to have UltraShape as the latest addition to our body contouring arsenal. Its remarkable versatility allows targeting specific areas of unwanted body fat in the abdomen, hips and thighs. As with all body contouring devices, proper patient screening is critical in achieving good results: Ultrashape works best for patients who have specific areas of persistent unwanted fat or genetically acquired problem areas. Based on our extensive experience with the device we have developed our own treatment protocols and have seen some truly remarkable results.

Why choose Union Square Laser Dermatology for UltraShape?
We have extensive experience with UltraShape, beginning with our participation in the clinical trials that led to its FDA approval. In addition, we were one of the first practices in New York to offer the device, and we have been closely working with Syneron, UltraShape’s manufacturer, on refining our proprietary treatment protocols for the best results with the maximum patient comfort. In many situations UltraShape works best in combination with other treatments, and our comprehensive range of non-surgical body contouring devices and our expertise in administering these treatments allows us to design the best personalized non-surgical body contouring plan for each patient.

Before and After photos for abdominal treatment with UltraShape:
Abdominal treatment with UltraShape, before photoAbdominal treatment with UltraShape, after photo

Abdominal treatment with UltraShape, before/after overlay


UltraShape belongs to the latest generation of non-invasive body contouring devices that use ultrasound to destroy targeted fat below the skin without harming skin tissues; the body naturally metabolizes and removes the destroyed fat tissue over a period of several weeks, leaving behind a slimmer, more contoured waistline. The physicians at Union Square Laser Dermatology are world experts in non-invasive body contouring and skin tightening, and have many years of experience in using non-invasive technology to address areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

How does it work?

UltraShape delivers targeted ultrasound energy directly into the stubborn fat below your skin’s surface. Rapidly changing pressure waves create vapor cavities in the fat cells, causing them to rupture (don’t worry, while this may sound dramatic the procedure is virtually painless). This is all done while leaving the surrounding skin, nerves, and blood vessels unharmed. Side effects are extremely rare and there is no expectation of soreness or numbness after treatment.

How long does it take? What is the recovery like?

Each treatment takes about 30 – 40 minutes of active energy delivery, and results gradually appear over the next couple months. While some people reported seeing results as early as two weeks after their first treatment, you should expect to see the best results after a series of three treatments, spaced approximately two weeks apart. The procedure is typically very well tolerated, with minimal discomfort and no downtime. Even better, there are no visible signs of treatment and you can return to your normal daily activities right away.

How long do results last? Where does the fat go?

With UltraShape, the targeted fat cells are destroyed and permanently eliminated from the body. The body breaks down (or processes) the destroyed fat cells, just like it breaks down other fats. After being processed by the liver, the waste is eliminated naturally. Please note this does not mean that new fat can’t be added in the future. A healthy diet and exercise regimen is recommended to maintain results.

Is this a good way to lose weight?

UltraShape and other body contouring treatments that we offer are not intended as a way to lose weight or treat obesity.

Am I a good candidate?

The best way to determine if UltraShape or some other body contouring treatment is right for you is to schedule a consultation with one of our world-class physicians by calling 212-366-5400 or simply book an appointment online.