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What is QWO?: 

QWO is a non-invasive injectable procedure that treats moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of women. We’ve also been treating the upper thighs with similar success! By injecting directly into cellulite, Qwo may help to breakdown or release the collagen-rich bands that pull on the skin surface and contribute to “dimpling.”

What can I expect with QWO?:

UnionDerm served as clinical investigators in the research that led to the FDA-approval of this injectable in 2019. We saw significant improvement in patients’ cellulite dimples and the most long-lasting results (several years) in the entire cellulite treatment category. Our Board-Certified Dermatologists helped develop the medical protocol for doctors around the United States to follow. Medical Director Dr. Anne Chapas has spoken about the treatment to SHAPE Magazine, New Beauty Magazine, The Aedit, and RealSelf.

Treatments should be repeated every 21 days for a total of 3 treatment visits. Results are best seen 1 month after the final injection.

Topical numbing is not necessary, and patients only notice a slight burning sensation at the injection points that lasts a few seconds. They can return to all normal activities right after the treatment. Noticeable bruising is to be expected with every QWO treatment. Patients should expect to wear pants or longer skirts for a couple weeks after each injection visit. You can apply topical arnica cream bid to speed resolution.

What areas does QWO treat?:


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