Procedures: Acne Laser & Light Treatment

Types: Photodynamic therapy, Isolaz®, Smoothbeam®

Acne lasers like Isolaz® and Smoothbeam® provide energy to the skin to shrink oil glands, unclog pores and eliminate acne causing bacteria. Multiple treatments are required and work best in combination with a home prescription regimen.

Here are the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Isolaz.

Recent developments in Photodynamic Therapy provide exciting options in the treatment of acne.

Facial Acne before and after one treatment with Photodynamic Therapy:
facial acne one treatment with pdt Acne Laser & Light Treatment

Facial Acne after six treatments with Isolaz:
acne six treatments with isolaz Acne Laser & Light Treatment

Facial Acne before and after two treatments with Smoothbeam:
facial acne treatment smoothbeam Acne Laser & Light Treatment