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What is Thermage?: 
Thermage is a non-invasive radio frequency treatment that stimulates collagen production to improve skin laxity for a naturally younger appearance. The device safely applies heat to deep, collagen-rich layers of skin, which causes contractions. This triggers a healing response, which produces increased collagen stimulation. Thermage treatment can reduce signs of aging and tighten skin in the jowls, cheeks, neck, buttocks, extremities, abdomen, eye lids, hands, and abdomen.

What can I expect with Thermage?:

Thermage is a painless treatment and results in minimal downtime. During the treatment, the physician presses the handheld device onto the affected area. Patients may feel a brief heating sensation immediately followed by a cooling sensation as the adapter touches the skin. These temperature changes indicate the dermis is reacting to the tool’s heating properties.

The primary result of Thermage is tighter, more youthful-looking skin. Changes may be visible within days or weeks after treatment, and will typically continue to improve up to six months after treatment.

Dr. Chapas and Dr. MacGregor have extensive clinical experience with Thermage, going back to the clinical trials. Thermage results are dependent on physician technique and proper treatment parameters, which is why our board certified dermatologists personally administer Thermage treatments, not nurses, medical assistants, or technicians.

We work closely with Thermage manufacturer Solta (our own Dr. Chapas is on the Scientific Advisory Board) to refine our proprietary treatment protocols. Thermage works best in combination with other treatments, depending on the desired result. Our comprehensive range of non-surgical body contouring and skin laxity devices, combined with our expertise in administering these treatments, allows us to design the most highly personalized plan for each patient.

What areas does Thermage treat?:

Cheeks + Jowls
Buttocks + Extremities

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