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What are Botulinum Toxins?

Botulinum Toxin is a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and related species. Every day we make many different facial expressions, which are caused by muscle contractions in our face. Over time, these repeated facial expressions can lead to dynamic wrinkles. Botulinum Toxins target the nervous system, disrupting the nerve signaling processes that stimulate muscle contraction. This results in smoother skin and a more youthful overall appearance.

Why Choose UnionDerm for Botulinum Toxin Treatments?

The placement and dosage of cosmetic injectables are both an art and a science. Our physicians are internationally acclaimed experts in the use and application of botulinum toxins such as Botox, newly-FDA approved Daxxify, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau and are regularly featured in publications like Allure Magazine, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Anne Chapas, is a certified BOTOX® Cosmetic trainer to other physicians. She speaks at multiple conferences on cosmetic best practices annually and was featured in The Dermatology Times for her natural-looking neurotoxin results. In the January 2013 issue, Good Housekeeping judged Dr. Chapas’ “Ultimate Botox” best in a “wrinkle eraser” runoff by New York dermatologists.

Our physicians participated in the clinical trials that led to FDA approval for Dysport and Xeomin, and they are known for achieving natural results through customized treatment plans, combining botulin injections with fillers and energy devices where appropriate, and without creating a look that reveals that cosmetic work was done.

With injectable treatments, you are relying not only on the physician’s intimate knowledge of the physiology of the skin and underlying muscle structure but also on his or her aesthetic sense and ability to deliver an appropriate and natural result. Injectable treatments are often viewed unfavorably due to results from unqualified injectors.

What to Expect During Botulinum Toxin Treatments

To begin treatment, the injection site will be cleansed. Your provider will then inject the Botulinum Toxin solution into strategic points using a very thin needle. Most patients describe the treatment as feeling like a small pinch.

The longevity of results will ultimately depend on the type of botulinum toxin injection received. Some treatments such as as Botox injections can last for 3-5 months, while Daxxify results can last up to six months. Repeated injections will be required to maintain results.

What Areas Do Botulinum Toxins Treat?

    • Forehead lines (vertical lines)
    • Crow’s Feet
    • Glabellar Lines
    • Gummy Smile
    • Neck Bands
    • Fine Lip Lines
    • Marionette Lines
    • Bunny Lines
    • Frown Lines
    • Chin Dimpling
    • Wide Jawlines
    • Wide Calves
    • Excessive Sweating in Underarms
    • Overactive masseter muscles
    • Overactive trapezius muscles (Trap Tox)


Schedule a Consultation

If you are considering Botulinum toxin injections such as Botox or Daxxify to address lines and wrinkles, please contact UnionDerm today. We will be happy to schedule your consultation appointment with one of our skilled physicians to discuss your treatment options.

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