Types: GentleMax® Pro, GentleLASE Pro

Hair removal lasers reduce dark hair on a variety of skin types. Success without risking patient injury requires the right equipment, physician skill, and sticking to an appropriate treatment regiment. There is a constant flow of new devices, and we continuously evaluate and use the ones that we consider promising in terms of their efficacy, patient comfort and minimized potential side effects. The options we offer reflect our experience with more than a dozen different lasers that we have tried, and the ability to make fine adjustments and customize treatment for each patient’s specific condition. Read more information on laser hair removal in Dr. Chapas’s article on the Huffington Post.

Watch Dr. Chapas demonstrate laser hair removal on the Dr. Oz show.

Our laser hair removal procedures are performed by a board certified dermatologist that operates the device throughout the procedure and should not be compared to the laser hair removal services widely available in non-medical facilities from technicians with no medical training. The physician that will perform your procedure is trained to use the highest energy appropriate, and thus obtain the best results without exposing you to unnecessary risks. Your physician will also identify any medical issues that indicate against laser treatment in the first place. In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction, she is trained to quickly identify and manage any adverse effects.

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