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What is Alex TriVantage?:

Alex TriVantage is a laser system used to treat tattoos of all colors and types as well as pigmented lesions. This particular system is safer than traditional methods due to the unique ability to electively treat the tattoo or pigmented lesion while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Alex TriVantage is able to treat areas of various sizes, is suitable for all skin tones, and allows for a quicker, more efficient treatment.

What can I expect with Alex TriVantage?:

Alex TriVantage is minimally painful and requires little downtime. Patients may feel a pinching sensation during the treatment, which some clients have likened to the feeling of a rubber band snapping on skin. Our Alex TriVantage laser combines three wavelengths to effectively fracture pigment, which gradually eliminates unwanted colors. The physician glides the tip of the laser over the affected area during the treatment, which often lasts under 30 minutes. The system is designed to minimize the potential of scarring or changes in skin texture.

Results vary from patient to patient and depend on the size, color, and age of the lesion or tattoo. Physicians typically recommend multiple sessions to achieve the desired results. Our physicians are highly experienced in laser tattoo removal, developing state-of-the-art techniques to accelerate treatment by combining multiple treatments during one visit.

What areas does Alex TriVantage treat?:


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