Although tattoos are typically applied with the intention of permanently decorating the skin, people often desire to remove them for a variety of reasons. Until recently, tattoo removal could result in disfiguring scars, but advances in laser technology now offer safe and effective options to successfully remove unwanted tattoos.

Every tattoo is unique and depending on how old it is and which colors were used in its application, a variety of different lasers might be needed to remove it completely. We utilize these different lasers and wavelengths, personalizing each patient’s tattoo treatment individually.

High energy lasers include Q-switched ruby, Q-switched Nd-YAG, or Q-switched KTP lasers, which are combined with our Alex TriVantage laser, and CO2 ablation to target the tattoo pigments. Specifically, these high-energy lasers fracture the tattoo pigments to allow the body’s immune system to gradually eliminate the unwanted color. Multiple treatments are typically required to achieve the desired effect

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