Here is a representative sample from the comments we have been receiving on our anonymous patient surveys. These testimonials are from actual patients, unredacted (except for privacy or correcting typos), and provide an accurate sense of what our patients have to say about us. We update this page every few months (last update was in April 2015), and more recent testimonials appear at the top.

— Your office is extremely professional and courteous. Dr MacGregor listened to my concerns and needs. She will only do what is necessary, without going to extremes. With this and all my past visits I truly have only the highest regard for your office and staff.

— I chose Union Square Laser Dermatology after a lot of searching on the Internet. I was very impressed by the very big emphasis on your website regarding the high level of education and experience of the doctors and how much they actively engage in research in dermatology and in the application of lasers to it. I also like very much that Union Square’s doctors actually do all the laser work. Finally, I was impressed that on sites such as Yelp, the reviews were mostly favorable and all the unfavorable ones were responded to by a member of your staff. All of the above are quite different from what I have seen in other practices.

— Dr. Gmyrek and the staff are fantastic!

— Dr. Gmyrek is a superb physician. Very knowledgeable and extremely gentle! Staff was very kind and professional.

— I liked how clean and beautiful the place is, I also liked how fast and helpful the staff was and will definitely come back soon.

— Everything was terrific!! From the appointment scheduling to the check in to the prep to the procedure … everything was impeccable!! Thank you!! I am a patient forever!

— Keith and the new nurse are great; very personable and seem extremely competent.

— Dr. Chapas was very good to me when I was anxious about something and she returned my call within 10 minutes after business hours. I so very much appreciated that.

— It was my first visit to your office and found it to be clean, comfortable, modern, and efficient.
Dr. Chwalek was very helpful in explaining answers to each of my questions. She listened intently to my concerns and did not rush me. She was very caring and understanding.

— Some of the friendliest staff I’ve ever met!

— Dr MacGregor was extremely professional. In addition to the laser procedure, she addressed my acne condition. She also inquired about my skincare regimen. Told me eliminated need for a moisturizer. I have noticed a difference.

— Dr. Chapas does amazing work. She is careful and takes her time. I hate needles, but I trust her because she makes me feel comfortable. I never feel rushed. She is somewhat of an artist I guess because my face looks AMAZING! I’m still a little swollen, but I’m sure once it goes down, her work will be as beautiful as it was the last time I was treated! I’m very happy with my visit, and would like to say thank you to Katherine for being a wonderful nurse. See you next year!

— I appreciated that I did not have to wait long for the doctor to see me. The doctor and nurse were very sympathetic to my needs. My case is rare and most times I have experienced just lack of careful thought and practical information from dermatologists that know there is not a real cure or permanent treatment for my skin problem ; they dismiss any options for treatments immediately and insensitively suggest to just “live with the condition”. Instead, Dr. Chwalek talked to me about a couple of possible treatments (though as she explained they will not yield permanent results). Most importantly I was treated with respect and was given practical information that I really needed to determine how I should proceed with treating my condition.

— Dr Chwalek’s examination was thorough, and my questions were answered without haste and with concern. I left the office with a smile due to such a professional and personable visit.

— Nice atmosphere and warm staff. Longer, later hours would be nice… Dr. MacGregor is great!

— Everyone was extremely professional as well as friendly and made me feel totally comfortable and at ease.

— I like the atmosphere and warmth of everyone I come in contact with. It doesn’t feel rushed.

— Amazing staff! I immediately felt very comfortable and welcomed for my first visit. I have already scheduled my next appointment and look forward to seeing everyone again!

— Really great experience. Thank you.

— Always a great experience. Staff is friendly, love the office, visit was efficient, love dr Gmyrek!
Overall a very good experience. The staff was exceptional and I would recommend Dr. MacGregor to my friends!

— Dr. Chapas: I like that you are direct and clear in your recommendations and communication; it gave me a lot to think about. The whole staff was excellent.

— I would love seeing Dr. Gmyrek wherever she was. But your facility is certainly a cut above other places I have seen her in!

— I have been a patient of Dr. Gmyrek for years now. She is the best doctor I have ever seen – and I do not exaggerate! You are lucky to have her.

— Dr. Chapas was fantastic. She listens to the patient’s needs and her work is beautiful.

— I rarely give full marks when completing surveys like this but you have earned it. Really terrific experience for someone that prefers not going to the doctor!

— So happy Dr. Gmyrek is with you. I will follow her anywhere. The practice provides a comforting caring atmosphere.

— Dr Chapas is wonderful! I can’t say enough great things about her beautifully skilled work, as well as the genuinely kind person that she is. So happy to be one of her patients. The entire office has a great vibe. Rare to find. Thank you Dr Chapas & staff!

— Once again, this was such a lovely experience. The staff are all excellent, the space is beautiful and Dr. Gymrek is so bright, delightful to talk to and knowledgeable. Thank you!

— Dr. Chapas and everyone at the office are always very professional and trustworthy. I always feel safe in their hands.

— I appreciated the excellence but also the very down to earth manner and friendliness of the doctor and her staff.

— This was my second visit to Union Square Laser Dermatology and my first visit with Brooke. I had such a positive experience both times. Brooke was very knowledgeable and helpful. She took time to listen to me, which I really appreciated. I have been following her recommended treatment for a few days now and am very pleased with the way my skin looks and feels. I will definitely be back to see her in a few weeks!

— Please tell Dr. Chapas how thrilled I am with her light touch of filler and botox! I keep forgetting I even have it until I look in the mirror to put on some make up and am genuinely happy to see a face that does not look exhausted any more. This is truly a great compliment to her delicate touch. The only other time I had this by I felt like and looked like a chipmunk without any movement in my face. I woke up every morning wishing it would go away. And now I wake up every morning very pleasantly surprised to find a more youthful me staring back!

— Overall, this has been a fantastic experience. All staff have been extremely helpful, courteous and professional, and the information provided was very helpful in selecting the best options. I am really impressed, pleased and grateful.

— All of the staff, from being greeted at the front desk, to working with the billing office, everyone was very professional, courteous and friendly. The nursing staff were all helpful, polite and extremely nice.

— Great experience. Appreciated Dr. Chwalek’s professionalism and honesty in advising that the procedure I was interested in was not the best for me. Appreciate being given information but not getting a hard sell for product or services as I have experienced at other offices.

— Excellent in most respects and state of the art. I felt a little cut short by the physician on this visit, but not on previous ones. Perhaps there was an emergency elsewhere. I was a little concerned for 3 days after my treatment because the healing was very slow on one side of my face . Overall I find everyone on staff very professional, accommodating, and knowledgeable. Thanks

— I am very happy that a full-body check-up was included in my consultation for what I thought would just be getting in my lower face. Dr. McGregor found several suspicious skin lesions, them, and scheduled me to return for later in the month. I consider myself very lucky that I chose to go to for my cosmetic treatment. I had been going to an internist who moonlights at a spa. If I had continued going to an internist, I doubt that these problems would have been discovered.

— I love that I received adequate information from the doctor and nurses I met with. I had visited another “laser dermatology” practice before and all they did was hand me a brochure and give me a quote. I think union square dermatology does a great job of treating their patients with the care and attentiveness they deserve. While my procedure was cosmetic, it was still painful and I didn’t make the decision to go through with it half-heartedly. I want to thank union square dermatology for treating me with such professionalism.

— I found my experience at Union Square Laser Dermatology to be a very positive one. The nurse and doctor both made sure that the setting was comfortable, and spent a good amount of time answering my questions and giving me suggestions. My visit was handled extremely well, and I was very impressed.

— I initially scheduled an appointment with Dr. MacGregor for . During the consultation she observed a freckle on my arm that she said looked suspicious and recommended I have a biopsy. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to Dr. MacGregor….the freckle I’ve had forever was now a melanoma. I never noticed it had changed shape!?! I am now two weeks post-op from a successful surgery AND . I will sing Dr. MacGregor’ s praises to anyone who will listen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

— There was no mention as to how long the benefits of treatment would last.

— Beautiful, tranquil facility and friendly staff. Dr. Chwalek was wonderful! Couldn’t ask for a better experience.

— I really appreciate that Dr. Chapas performed my entire personally. At the doctor would walk out after 2 minutes and leave the technician finish the treatment. And the price was the same!

— Unfortunately the doctor was running late with a patient and i could not stay more than an hour or so beyond my scheduled appt time because of a meeting. the doctor was very apologetic and did not charge me for the visit but i don’t think we had time to adequately discuss treatment options.

— You make going to the doctor fun. Dr Chwalek and everyone else is extraordinarily nice and professional.

— My visit was very pleasant as always. The office is very patient oriented with an emphasis on comfort and privacy which is why I love coming and would highly recommend this practice. Dr. Chapas is not just an excellent doctor but makes you feel like family.

— The entire staff, medical and administrative, are of the highest standard. All are highly competent, knowledgeable and reflect the practice’s overall culture of personable courtesy.

— Everyone is so wonderfully upbeat and positive in your office. I love coming there. I am a complete chicken, and yet I am never made to feel stupid, crazy, or vain. I feel like a valued and respected patient which I highly appreciate. You guys are all awesome!

— As always, everyone at Union Square Dermatology was friendly and professional. Dr. Chapas and her staff do a wonderful job.

— Dr. Chwalek took the time to go over all treatment options and recommend what would likely work best for me. Everyone was friendly and I was able to schedule convenient appointments for consultation and the upcoming treatments.

— I’ve already recommended your practice to a friend This is the best recommendation I can give.

— The fact that dermatologists themselves actually perform the laser procedures is a very reassuring thing and a good selling point for the practice. I only wish that I were seen a little sooner, though I understand that things/emergencies may have come up.

— This was my 3rd appt. with but this time I had to wait quite a while . I was pleased with the previous appointments though.

— Very satisfied. Excellent service and very professional. Expertise is beyond comparison.

— I understand that experiences are individual, but I was not prepared for 4 days of heavy swelling following my .

— Dr. Rosinberg as well as your staff are the most helpful and gracious group. Your facility is state of the art and comfortable. I loved the care that’s given to the patients. I always feel comfortable.

— I have been a patient of Dr. Chapas both at and since the practice opened and have had several . This was the first time that I showed up for a 10am appointment and had to inquire of the receptionist at 10:20AM if there was a problem. Since this has never happened before, I am certainly going to continue as a patient and hope this was just a “bad day”.

— Dr. McGregor was very knowledgeable and the facility was great. Everyone was nice and professional. The worst part was the wait. I made an appointment for 1:30, arrived at 1:20 and was not seen until 1:50. I happily paid the $100 deposit for appointment in the hopes that these issues wouldn’t happen.

— Couldn’t have asked for better or more personal treatment from every aspect. I hate the 4 hours of commute but it’s worth it for such professional support. Thank you.

— Dr. MacGregor, the nursing staff, and the administrative staff are all terrific.

— I am so pleased and thrilled with Dr MacGregor and her care. She takes her time with me and genuinely cares about the best results for my skin. Every member of staff was very friendly and professional. The office is very well designed and clean. Overall a very pleasant experience.

— Always my pleasure to be at your office and see Dr. Chapas!

— The staff and doctor were very attentive and answered any questions and addressed any concerns that I had. I did not feel rushed or pressed into making unwanted choices.

— I am very pleased with the the results of and feel that the results are very natural.

— My experience at the practice was excellent.” My only issue was the cancelation fee if not done 48 hours prior. I am and sometimes everything must be dropped to put out fires.

— The space is awesome and the staff are warm & friendly as well as informative. Thank you!

— I would just like to say a big thank you to Dr Chapas and the staff. It’s amazing how every detail from a patient’s perspective has been carefully thought out and applied to make the patient experience really excellent. And most importantly Dr Chapas took the time and communicated openly and she listened to what I wanted and allowed us to go in small steps to see how I liked it. I really truly appreciate that and for sure I will come back. Thank you so much Dr Chapas. I am really happy with my results! And on top of being an amazing Dr & artist you’re a very nice person and I really appreciate that about you. Thank you again and see you very soon!

— Union Square Dermatology is a first class operation. Everyone there is always friendly and welcoming. The doctors and nurses make you feel so comfortable and relaxed, and assured that you are in the best hands possible. The office is spotless and they are always prompt in keeping appointment times. It is obvious that they are at the top of their game in all aspects.

— Always a great experience

— Dr. Chapas and the nursing staff made me feel quite comfortable for the exam and related processes, appreciated. Felt the exam was very complete, which is important to me, and not rushed. Additional compliments to the nurse who was with me, very professional.

— The price I was quoted was much more than I expected.

— Generous amount of time spent answering my questions.

— I’m completely satisfied with the service and the results!

— Loved getting honest and helpful advice. Dr.MacGregor was super and took the fear out of getting a new type of procedure.

— Great facility. Very professional staff. Dr. Chapas is wonderful!

— I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this practice. Everyone is so helpful and lovely. I love coming in. I tell everyone how great it is. I could not be happier with choosing Union Square Dermatology!

— My wait time was ~ 1 hr. Needs improvement. Dermatologist extremely helpful, patient, and informative.

— LOVE Dr. Chapas. She’s open, easy to talk to, not giving a hard sell on anything, seems really smart and patient focused. Office is nice. I even like the shade of teal on the scrubs! Wonderful place. I feel like I’m in good hands.

— Staff are friendly and extremely professional. Dr. Chapas is a caring professional. I have recommended Dr Chapas to friends.

— I love Dr. Chapas and the staff! At my last visit Dr.Chapas was about 30 minutes late because she had to tend to another patient, but the nurse came in and updated me and asked me if I had time constraints, she was very helpful. I didn’t mind waiting because I never, ever wait that long. I always have great experiences here; I never feel rushed and Dr. Chapas always answers all my questions. I love it!

— As I said in the review i have left on Yelp, I really liked Dr. Chapas. I think that she truly puts patients best interest in her mind and she is a very responsible, professional and cautions doctor. Thats what builds the reputation and goes a long way. I would highly recommend her.

— Dr. Anne Chapas has a lovely bedside manner. She is both warm and professional and provides all necessary information to make informed decisions about treatment options.

— I trust Dr. Chapas, and she is the main reason why I keep coming back to Union Square Laser Dermatology.

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