Journal Articles by Dr. Chapas

Dr. Chapas’ research has been published in multiple peer reviewed medical journals and medical textbooks. Her most recent publications include:

Weiss ET, Chapas AM, Brightman L, Hunzeker C, Hale E, Karen JK, Bernstein L, and Geronemus RG
(2010). “Successful Treatment of Atrophic Postoperative and Traumatic Scarring With Carbon Dioxide Ablative Fractional Resurfacing.” Arch Dermatol. 146(2):133-140.

Anolik R, Chapas AM, Brightman LA, and Geronemus RG (2009). “Radiofrequency Devices for BodyShaping: A Review and Study of 12 Patients.” Semin Cutan Med Surg 28:236-243.

Rizzo C, Brightman L, Chapas AM, Hale EK, Cantatore-Francis JL, Bernstein LJ, and Geronemus RG (2009). “Outcomes of Childhood Hemangiomas Treated with Pulsed-Dye Laser with Dynamic Cooling: A Retrospective Chart Analysis.” Dermatologic Surgery. 35(12):1947-1954.

Brightman L, Weiss E, Chapas AM, Karen J, Hale E, Bernstein L and Geronemus RG (2009).
“Improvement in Arm and Post-Partum Abdominal and Flank Subcutaneous Fat Deposits and Skin Laxity Using a Bipolar Radiofrequency, Infrared, Vacuum and Mechanical MassageDevice.” Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 41: 791-798.

Weiss ET, Barzilai O, Brightman L, Chapas A, Hale E, Karen, J, Bernstein L, and Geronemus RG (2009). “Three-Dimensional Surface Imaging for Clinical Trials: Improved Precision and ReproducibilityIn Circumference Measurements of Thighs and Abdomens. Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 41: 767-733.

Chapas AM, and Geronemus RG (2009). “Physiologic changes in vascular birthmarks during early infancy: Mechanisms and clinical implications.” Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 61(6): 1081-1082.

Brightman LB, Brauer JS, Anolik R, Weiss E, Karen J, Chapas AM, Hale E, Bernstein L and Geronemus RG (2009). “Ablative and Fractional Ablative Lasers, Cosmetic Dermatology.” DermatologyClinics. 27(4): 479-489.

Sukal SA. Chapas AM. Bernstein LJ. Hale EK. Kim KH. Geronemus RG (2008). “Eyelid tightening and improved eyelid aperture through nonablative fractional resurfacing.” Dermatologic Surgery. 34(11):1454-8.

Chapas AM, Brightman L, Sukal S, Hale E, Daniel D, Bernstein L, and Geronemus RG (2008). “Successful Treatment of Acneiform Scarring with CO2 Ablative Fractional Resurfacing.” Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 40: 381-386.

Stotland M, Chapas AM, Brightman L, Sukal S, Hale E, Karen J, Bernstein L and Geronemus RG (2008). “The Safety and Efficacy of Fractional Photothermolysisfor Correction of Striae Distensae.” Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, 7(9): 857-861.

Chapas AM, Eickhorst K, Geronemus RG (2007). “Efficacy of Early Treatment of Facial Port-wine Stains in Newborns: a Review of 60 Cases.” Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 39(7): 563-568.

Chapas AM and Gilchrest BA (2006). “Broad Area Photodynamic Therapy for Treatment of Multiple Basal Cell Carcinomas in a Patient with Nevoid Basal Bell Carcinoma Syndrome.”Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, 5(2): 3- 5.

Chapas AM and Geronemus RG (2005). “Our Approach to Pediatric Dermatologic Laser Surgery.” Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. 37: 255-263.

Chapas AM, Askarian F, Demierre M, and Stefanato C (2005). “Well Differentiated Angiosarcoma of the Scalp: an Unusual Clinical Presentation.” Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology; 52(2): S58-9

Chapas AM, Lee D, and Rogers GS (2005). “Excision of Malignant Melanoma Overlying a Pacemaker.” Dermatologic Surgery; 31:112-4.

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