Cellfina Cellulite Treatment

Cellfina is a minimally invasive FDA-approved procedure that treats the primary structural cause of certain types of cellulite. Cellulite has many causes but the deep pockets and puckers are caused by fibrous bands in the fat layer underlying the affected areas; these bands pull the skin down and create the characteristic dimpling. Cellfina treats “dimple” cellulite by releasing these connective bands, typically in a single treatment. Based on the clinical studies for FDA approval, results last for at least a year and for a majority of patients significant improvement can be seen for at least two years.

Cellfina treatment histology

The procedure takes about 45 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. Results can be seen in as little as three days after treatment. The most common side effects reported include soreness, tenderness or bruising in the treated areas, which typically subside within a few weeks.

36 year old female patient treated for cellulite on buttocks; 164lbs before and 163lbs one year after a single treatment.

Our assessment: Based on our experience, Cellfina can achieve good long-lasting results in the thighs and buttocks for certain patients with “deep dimples” in these areas. We have been treating patients that are not good candidates for Cellfina with other devices that can benefit cellulite, such as Velashape 3, Thermage and Ultrashape.

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