Treating darker skin types requires a delicate balance between clearing the condition and preserving pigmentation, particularly in the use of lasers. All of our physicians are experts in treating Asian skin.

Dr. Yunyoung Claire Chang is known for her expertise with skin of color and frequently travels back and forth from Asia to bring the latest cosmetic trends to her patients. She is Yelp’s number one ranking Korean dermatologist in New York City. Her vast expertise in Asian skincare includes:

  • skin brightening maintenance for darker skin types
  • laser skin rejuvenation with emphasis on treating pigmentation and acne scarring
  • a natural filler and botox aesthetic that delivers a softer, lifted face shape
  • skin tightening and facial/body contouring using novel techniques
  • use of botulinum toxins to slim the calves and jaw area
  • facial thread contouring to lift and refresh the mid-face and jowls without over-volumizing

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