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We are thrilled to be the first New York practice to exclusively offer Accufit—the next generation in muscle toning and tightening. The Accufit is a revolutionary, non-invasive sculpting treatment that tones the muscles of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks to deliver impressive, athletic results.

Accufit delivers electro-muscular stimulation to the treated area through attachable electrodes. It builds muscle by causing muscle contractions—the same way exercising does. Unlike competitive devices, Accufit uses waveforms to simulate an actual workout. You’ll go through a series of twists, holds, grips and taps. The relaxing treatments are about 30 minutes each and do not cause any discomfort!

Our Board-Certified Dermatologists recommend an initial series of 4 treatments within 2-4 weeks. Optimal results appear in 8-12 weeks (more average muscle mass gain than any competitive device). We also offer an exclusive membership program for those interested in long-term benefits!

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