Before treatment and 2 months After series of treatments for facial skin tightening
Protégé Elite photos, Before treatment and 2 months After series of treatments for submental skin tightening
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UnionDerm is one of the first dermatology practices in the U.S. to offer the Protégé Elite treatment, a new and innovative technology to improve skin laxity.

Protégé Elite uses a unique radio frequency type of energy to gently and safely tighten the skin on the face, neck, décolletage, arms, elbows, hands, abdomen, legs and knees. The procedure has no downtime, is painless, and it feels like a warm massage as the energy wand is applied in circles and waves over the skin. Although the treatment appears simple, the wand contains sophisticated state-of-the-art technology that continually adjusts the energy to optimize safety and efficacy.

Protégé Elite is appropriate as a first-time skin tightening treatment and also works great for patients wanting to maintain and improve the results of previous skin tightening procedures with higher-power energy devices such as Thermage and Ultherapy. As a first-time treatment, Protégé Elite typically requires a series of 2-4 sessions approximately every 2-3 weeks apart. As a maintenance treatment, patients should plan to have 1-2 sessions every 6 months following their Thermage or Ulthera to continue building collagen and to maintain skin tightening, as directed by their physician.

Protégé Elite FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Protégé Elite skin tightening works gradually by stimulating the formation of new collagen in response to controlled heating of the skin layers. During the procedure, the radiowaves warm the skin to 40-42 degrees Celcius over 4-6 minutes. The skin responds by immediately tightening existing collage and by creating new collagen over the next 2-3 months. Individual responses vary, but patients generally see a firmer, smoother skin texture develop over this period.

  • Treatments are performed in a series of 2-4 sessions approximately every 2-3 weeks. A grounding pad is placed on the back prior to the treatment. A cooling gel is applied to the skin prior to the application of warm circular motions via the energy wand.

  • There is no downtime following the procedure. The skin will appear mildly pink for a few minutes after the Protégé Elite treatment. Adverse effects are uncommon and mild in nature. Mild redness or a hive-like reaction is possible but rare. The excellent safety profile due to the built-in technology and safeguards differentiates Protégé Elite from other similar radio frequency devices.

  • Individual responses vary, but patients generally see a firmer, smoother skin texture develop over the treatment period.

  • UnionDerm is one of the first medical practices using Protégé Elite, which Dr. Anne Chapas presented on national TV at the Raechel Ray Show. We have the experience to identify appropriate candidates and the expertise to provide the best treatment. We have experience in combining Protégé Elite with higher energy skin laxity treatments, such as Thermage and Ultherapy, and we use that to design customized treatment and maintenance plans to help each patient achieve the best possible results.

  • Patients that are pregnant, have a pacemaker or electrical implantable device, have metal implants, have silicone fillers or have active infections in the treatment area cannot the have Protégé Treatment.

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