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Thermage uses radio frequency energy to heat the deeper layers in the skin and thus stimulate collagen production and improve laxity in jowls, cheeks, neck, buttocks, extremities, abdomen, eye lids, hands and abdomen. Thermage treatment can reduce visible signs of aging. By smoothing and contouring trouble areas of loose skin, Thermage can help create a naturally younger appearance. Results show primarily as skin tightening rather than volumizing and can be first seen within days or weeks after treatment, and will typically continue to improve up to 3-6 months following the treatment.

Why choose Union Square Laser Dermatology for Thermage?
Dr. Chapas and Dr. MacGregor have extensive clinical experience with Thermage, going back to the clinical trials. Thermage results strongly depend on physician technique and proper treatment parameters, which is why our Thermage treatments are personally administered by one of our board-certified dermatologists, not by a nurse, medical assistant or technician. We work closely with Solta, Thermage’s manufacturer (Dr. Chapas is on its Scientific Advisory Board) and have thus refined our proprietary treatment protocols. In some situations Thermage works best in combination with other treatments, and our comprehensive range of non-surgical body contouring and skin laxity devices combined with our expertise in administering these treatments allows us to design the best personalized plan for each patient.

Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Thermage. You can read more about the underlying science on the Thermage website.

Q: What is the Thermage CPT™ System?

A: The new Thermage CPT System, the newest Thermage system is a significant leap forward in skin tightening and body contouring technology. It uses Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT) to non-invasively smooth, tighten and contour the skin in a single treatment with no surgery, no injections and little to no downtime.

Q: How does the Thermage CPT procedure work?

A: The procedure works by using monopolar radiofrequency technology to heat collagen fibers deep in the skin and underlying tissue. The new Thermage CPT system has an improved, more uniform heating action that causes the structures in the skin and underlying tissue to immediately tighten while stimulating collagen growth over time. Over time, new and remodeled collagen is produced to further tighten and contour the skin.

Q: What makes the new procedure more comfortable?

A: The Thermage CPT system incorporates proprietary Comfort Pulse Technology™ in every aspect of the system including a new vibrating handpiece and scientifically advanced treatment tips. The Comfort Pulse Technology delivers energy more efficiently through the new system to the area being treated while the redesigned face and body tips distribute heat more efficiently. The new vibrating handpiece has also been shown in clinical studies to provide a more comfortable experience, compared to previous versions of Thermage.

Q: When will I see results?

A: Visible results are often immediate and improve over time. Measurable tightening and contouring improvements appear gradually over a two to six month time period following a single treatment session.

Q: How many treatments will I need?

A: Unlike many procedures requiring four or more sessions, most Thermage® patients benefit from a single treatment. The treating doctor will determine the course of treatment that is right for each patient, based on the patient’s needs and goals.

Q: Where on the body is the Thermage CPT procedure performed?

A: The Thermage CPT procedure is designed especially for the face and the body. It can help tighten skin safely on most body parts, including the face, eyes, tummy, arms, hands, thighs and buttocks. Our most popular areas are face, neck, stomach, knees and eyelids.

Q: How long does the Thermage CPT procedure take?

A: The Thermage CPT procedure is a completely non-invasive, safe treatment that is performed only in a doctor’s office. Depending on the size and location of the area to be treated, the procedure may take as little as 20 minutes or up to one hour.

Q: Is there any special preparation or follow-up regime?

A: No. Unlike surgery, there is no pre-procedure preparation, such as blood work or fasting required. Patients are typically given a non-steriodal anti-inflammatory medication 60 minutes prior to the procedure, however many patients have Thermage without pre-medication. With little to no downtime, most patients can return to their regular activities immediately following treatment. There is no special care after treatment. Some patients exhibit a temporary redness or minor swelling after treatment, this usually resolves within 24 hours. Good skin care and sunscreens are recommended as part of your regular skin care regimen. The only signs of treatment are naturally smoother, younger and healthier skin.

Q: Can I have Thermage if I have had previous fillers?

A: Peer reviewed clinical studies have shown that Thermage is safe over most fillers including hyaluronic acid (Restylane/Juvederm), calcium hydroxyappetite (Radiesse) and Sculptra. Thermage has not been tested over areas previously injected with silicone and should be used over these areas.

Q: Can Thermage be performed in areas that were previously treated with other lasers?

Yes! Thermage is often used in combination with other lasers such as Fraxel or vascular laser for global skin rejuvenation.

Q: How long will the effects of the Thermage CPT procedure last?

The Thermage CPT procedure helps tighten existing collagen and stimulate new natural collagen production for up to six months following the treatment. Results may last for years depending on the patient’s skin condition and natural aging process.

Q: Is Thermage the only radiofrequency technology on the market today?

While there are other skin care treatments that use radiofrequency energy, Thermage utilizes proprietary monopolar radiofrequency technology to deliver uniform volumetric heating into the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin to help naturally tighten and contour underlying tissue. Also, Thermage generally achieves results in a single treatment compared to other technologies requiring multiple treatment sessions.

Q: How much does the Thermage CPT procedure cost?

Your physician will discuss the cost of the procedure at the time of the consultation. as it depends on the areas being treated. The cost typically is significantly less than comparable cosmetic surgery and the results are more natural looking.



  • The new Thermage CPT System, the newest Thermage system is a significant leap forward in skin tightening and body contouring technology. It uses Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT) to non-invasively smooth, tighten and contour the skin in a single treatment with no surgery, no injections and little to no downtime.

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