Treat tattoos of all colors and types as well as pigmented lesions with the  Alex TriVantage laser. It is safer than traditional methods because of its unique ability to electively treat the tattoo or pigmented lesion. It will eliminate the tattoo or pigment while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.

While tattoos are usually applied with the intention of permanently decorating the skin, people often desire to remove them for a variety of reasons. Not too long ago, tattoo removal was primarily surgical and could result in disfiguring scars, but advances in laser dermatology now offer safe and effective laser techniques to successfully remove unwanted tattoos.

Our Alex Trivantage laser combines all three of these wavelengths to fracture the tattoo pigment and allow the body’s immune system to gradually eliminate the unwanted colors. Multiple treatments are typically required to achieve the desired effect. Our physicians have extensive experience in laser tattoo removal and have developed certain state-of-the-art techniques that allow accelerated treatment by combining multiple treatments in one visit.

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